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Cleaning of nozzles from Water Jet Cutting Machines with Ultrasonic

Today’s Recommendation cleaning of Nozzles from Water JET Cutting Machines:
Once a Time we met one of the Owners of the famous and well-known local Company for Roof Tiles Oranvanich and he mentioned that he is looking for an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean the Nozzles of his Water Jet Cutting Machines for the Production.
We do not hesitate to offer him to visit them in there Factory and do a test cleaning as well giving them a recommendation for the Chemicals, Process steps and other important issues.
As you may already estimate these nozzles are very small around 8-10mm but the hole for the water inside this nozzles, which need to be cleaned is much smaller maybe roundabout 1mm , during cutting dirt accumulate inside the hole and start to block it and then the cutting is not efficient as well the Cutting Edge is unlike.
For this Job we recommend a Elmasonic S 30H unit and we would offer 2 suitable cleaning Solutions Number 1 the Elma Tec Clean S1 and Number 2 would be the Elma Clean 115C, bo…