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Friday, August 14, 2015

Validation of Ultrasonic Cleaners

what is the meaning of ultrasonic validation ?

Validation is a process of demonstrating, through documented evidence, that a process, procedure, method, piece of equipment, or facility will consistently produce a product or result that meets predetermined specifications and quality attributes Establishing the process of fulfill for purpose.

how this can be accomplished ?

there are several methods to test ultrasonic systems, one of them is the cavimeter of Elma Schmidbauer GmbH

 the elma cavimeter is measuring the cavitation noise figure.
to get precise measuring data it is important to measure the ultrasonic cleaner when it is new.
With this measurement you got reliable data's as reference which can be used to compare all future measurements.

 according to previous studies of Elma this phenomena shows:
effect of cavitation in ultrasound


It has been generally accepted that the ultrasound-induced cavitation in the solution is the relevant phenomenon for the cleaning effect [3]. Oscillation and collapse of cavitation bubbles in the ultrasound field induce microstreaming and shock waves producing the so-called acoustic noise which can be quantified by the cavitation noise level. The observed interrelationship between the cavitation noise level and the cleaning efficiency suggests that the cavitation noise level might be an appropriate parameter to use for the validation and monitoring of ultrasound-assisted cleaning processes of medical devices.

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what are the advantages of aqueous industrial part cleaning ?

Industrial parts cleaning has long become an element of central importance for the value chain in manufacturing. MAFAC offers a wide range of compact machines that meet various cleaning requirements, tailored to the customers' requirement.

organic contamination's such as oils and greases, on the other hand, are generally removed by systems using HC (hydrocarbon) or CHC (chlorinated hydrocarbon) as solvents.

The use of hydrocarbons (HC) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) as solvents led in the past to various ecological problems (soil contamination, groundwater contamination's, contribution to the acid rain) and health problems (industrial safety, stress for adjacent rooms).

Regarding their environmental compatibility and costs the aqueous cleaners have the best results, Mafac manufacture Energy efficient machines to reduce operating cost as well this machines help to protect our environment which means it protect us as well our children and grandchildren.

besides that industrial cleaning helps to:

- improve the quality of your products

- better products mean customer loyalty 

- means longer life time of products

- helps to reduce production cost

under the bottom line, any investment is a good return. 

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Discover the new generation of steam jet cleaners

Elma release its new steam cleaner series 4.5 (HP)
Environment-friendly steam jet cleaning with 4.5 bar.
Discover the new generation of steam jet cleaners made by Elma!
The powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature is the secret of professional steam jet cleaning. Microscopically tiny steam particles reach even in hardly accessible crevices and even into the smallest recesses. Therefore the steam removes thoroughly dirt particles such as dust, grease and polishing pastes. No chemical cleaning agents are used, so no lime or detergent residue is left on the clean surfaces.
The new Elmasteam 4.5 basic is available with fixed nozzle or flexible hand piece (with 1.3 m hose) at 4.5 bar pressure versions. The professional steam pressure of 4.5 bar cleans safely and effectively even sensitive parts and instruments. With the higher water content of the steam at 4.5 bar, waxes can be easily melted and removed from the parts. Due to the strong heating of Elmasteam devices, steam is available for a long time.
Furthermore is Elmasteam 4.5 med the perfect steam jet cleaner to clean even complicated instruments like burrs, drills or electro-surgical instruments which often do not becom sufficiently clean in the standard washing and disinfecting unit. By pre-cleaning the instruments (even hollow instruments) with Elmasteam 4.5 med is very easy and prolongs the service life of the cleaned items.
Already during the development our engineers focused on user safety which got finally approved and certified by TÜV type test according to DIN EN 61010-1.
You'll discover quality in every detail of the Elmasteam 4.5 units:
  • sophisticated 2-chamber design which separates the water-bearing from the electric system and
  • selected and tested materials to ensure a long service life of the tank.
Thus our quality products Elmasteam 4.5 basic and Elmasteam 4.5 med come along with 2 years warranty.
Explore our new Elmasteam 4.5 basic and Elmasteam 4.5 med!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

ultrasonic cleaner jewelry

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner xtra basic 1800S designed for the manufacturing industry, for example cleaning long products.
it is a preferred ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry as the ultrasonic is mounted on the side instead of the bottom.

with a tank volume of 134 liters and the internal dimensions of 410mm width x 650mm depth x 720mm height it has a unique advantage for cleaning long parts.
another highlight are that drain-valve on the front side as well the roller castor.

here are the technical details:
  • 1000 Watt ultrasonic power
  • 25/45 kHz ultrasonic frequency for rough / fine cleaning
  • 2300 Watt heating power
  • adjustable heating from 30-80° C.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

automotive part cleaning - Aqueous industrial part cleaning

Patented process technology - made by MAFAC:

MAFAC systems for parts cleaning distinguish themselves by the patented, worldwide unique process technology moving the spraying system in co-rotation or counter-rotation to the rotating basket.
This innovative technology is the basis for reliable and efficient process solutions in industrial parts cleaning. It is based upon the evident truth that each cleaning operation achieves better results when movement is applied.
Effective cleaning is guaranteed because the relative movement between the holding basket which is either rotating, rocking or steady and the spraying system which co- or counter-rotates is individually adjustable. Thus soiling can be removed even from workpieces with complex shapes.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

when are multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners used ?

when are multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners used?

in the past only single frequency ultrasonic cleaners exist, thanks to the ultrasonic R&D (research and development).

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners create 2 or even more frequencies in one tank.

since a few years there are several different multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners on the market.

different ultrasonic manufacturer offer different frequency pairings, for example 25kHz/45kHz, 40kHz/80kHz or 35kHz/130kHz

  • Multifrequency ultrasonic cleaners can be used for different cleaning task, for example rough cleaning and fine cleaning.
  • Mulitfrequency ultrasonic cleaners can be used for different products, as mulitfrequency offers more possibilities.
  • specially in the current manufacturing steps processes change fast, therefore multi frequency may help to increase your yields.
  • it is a good investment to choose a multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner instead a single frequency, in general the cost is almost equal.

in reality some manufacturer now run 2 frequencies at the some time, saying the cleaning result improve, some other manufacturer believe it would not make much sense if this frequencies would be operated at the same time, even it would be possible that this frequencies would disturb each other.

Finally it is depending on many issues, for example the product, shape, the contamination, ect. according to this decisions may made or advanced test would help to get the best results.