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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

hydraulic part cleaning - aqueous industrial parts washer

environmental friendly water based cleaning
 without using hydro carbons or chlorinate hydro carbons
 # aqueous industrial part cleaning # of hydraulic parts


Every day, manufacturers of parts with a complex design face the challenge of how to clean difficult-to-access parts such as undercuts, blind bores, or intricate channels efficiently and reliably. In most cases, valuable resources and much time are invested with the result that the easy-to-access parts are “over-cleaned” before the cleanliness of the hidden interior contours meets the strict specifications.

For these requirements, MAFAC developed a new process for targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying of certain sections of the part, addressing in particular manufacturers in the hydraulics and die casting industry.

MAFAC is one of the leading Company manufacturing # aqueous industrial part washers# which is a important step in manufacturing as well it helps to protect our environment as we waive the use of HC and CHC products.

Hydrocarbons and chlorinate hydrocarbons

as solvents led in the past to various ecological problems (soil contamination, groundwater contamination's, contribution to the acid rain) and health problems (industrial safety, stress for adjacent rooms).

Regarding their environmental compatibility and costs the aqueous cleaners have the best results, Mafac manufacture Energy efficient machines to reduce operating cost.