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autoclave-elmaclace sterilisation units with 18 litre and 24 litre volume

An autoclave is the most effective way of sterilizing medical and scientific equipment.

with the elmaclave autoclave (steam steriliser) for sterilising medical products according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06 type b for sterilising packaged and unpacked solid medical products, hollow bodies and porous goods.

Only reusable medical products authorized for the reprocessing using steam sterilization are permitted to be sterilized ( please see the product manufacturing information according to EN ISO 17664) in advance.

The Elmaclave sterilizes 3 type of materials according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06:

solid instruments ( not hollow body instruments) made of metalporous materials- simple materials or composites which can be absorb liquid ( fabrics, white coats ,dressing, ect. )hollow body instruments made of metal which are subdivided into 2 categories and classified according to length and diameter: Type A = hollow bodies, turbines, instrument handles and instruments with blind holes …

Watch Part & Movement Cleaning with the elmasolvex SE-RM-VA

Elmasolvex® VA
Elmasolvex® VA is the technically most advanced system. This watch cleaning machine uses multi-frequency ultrasound for regular component cleaning as well as a separate frequency for very delicate parts that require special handling (e.g. reflective surfaces, very small openings).
The parts are cleaned in a chamber in which cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically. Programs are configured and launched quickly and easily using a high-resolution color display. The system provides reliable default programs and an expert mode that allows watchmakers to configure and save their own tried and tested parameters.

with ultrasonic / vacuum / drying

Elmasolvex® RM

For service centres and watchmakers who prefer not to use ultrasound, Elmasolvex® RM offers established multi-chamber technology to perform both solvent-based and semi-aqueous cleaning procedures. It also provides a program for epilamizing.

no ultrasonic / only spin cleaning

Elmasolvex® SE

The ulti…

hydrogen soldering & welding unit

our micro torch hydrogen soldering & welding unit called the elmaflame, it is available with a gas production of 140 l/h , 240 l/h and 300l/h on demand, each unit can be equipped with several working stations depending on the unit size.

micro torch hydrogen soldering unit
can be used in jewellery manufacturing process or in medical & healthcare.

here are the main advantages in a short overview:

gas production only on demandhigh safety standardshigh operation temperature up to approx. 2850° C.Backfire protectionCE -confirmed
for further questions please send us a mailto:info(at)
or just call our hotline 061 61 09 593

ultrasonic cleaning - are of use

Ultrasonic cleaning-area of use Currently the most gentle technology for precision cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is accomplished through the rapid formation and collapsing of gas bubbles or cavities bubbles in liquid. This phenomenon is called cavitation. Parts that somehow would need ordinarily require intense hand scrubbing can often be cleaned in a matter of minutes with an ultrasonic cleaning system. Ultrasonic should be considered in applications where it is important to have a gentle cleaning where contaminants may be lodged in crevices, or where precise results are necessary without damaging any parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is used in the following business fields or industries: Jewellery shop and jewellery manufacturing Watch service center or watch manufacturing Dental lab or dental practice Hospital and central sterile services department of hospitals Medical Industry manufacturing Medical implant manufacturing Electronic manufacturing Automotive manufacturing Motorcycle manufacturing Aeros…

about ASA

 asa specialised in worldwide solutions for material flow
Utilizing possibilities to the ultimate extent, taking advantage of one`s strengths and being open for new ideas – these are demands which we place upon ourselves and have allowed us to be successful for more than 20 years in our field of expertise of automation on an international level. Our customers are searching for automation solutions and technologies in the field of conveying and handling technology, which are designed to their specific and often complex requirements. We can offer this.

In a partnership based on cooperation we discuss the requirements and targets and develop optimal, individually tailored automated or complete system solutions.
we handle your products

about TSE

TSE-SYSTEME GmbH specialised and provides high quality systems for Wet-Processing, for the Supply and Disposal of Chemicals, and Laboratory Equipment. We develop, construct, and distribute a wide range of units from non-automatic to semi-automatic and fully automatic.

All equipments are of high-grade plastics or stainless steel and individually designed for each customer. This allows for the implementation of newest technology.

TSE-SYSTEME GmbH is young and innovative company. We could already establish ourselves in Germany, Europe and Asia.

The experience of many years and the extensive technological know-how of our staff and associates will be your profit. We guarantee for an excellent customer service and best prices.
wet bench processing

about TBR

Company TBR-Automation is specialised in Automation software for the following systems:

SIMATIC industrial automation systems (PLC’s)
(Simatic S5, Simatic S7)
SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring systems
(ProTool, WinCC Flexible, WinCC SCADA Sytems)
SIMATIC NET communication systems
(Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Profinet) Allen Bradley programmable controllers (PLC’s)
(CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix, MicroLogix)
Allen Bradley operator interfaces and software (PanelViewPlus, RSView32, Factory Talk View SE)Allen Bradley networks and communication
(DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, NetLinx)
Allen Bradley drives
(Kinetix Motion, PowerFlex)
Wonderware products with ArchestraA technology
Industrial Application Server
Industrial SQL Server historian (InSQL)
Supervisory HMI Software (InTouch, InTrack, InBatch)
Event-Notification Software (SCADA Alarm) We are a registered Wonderware autorized System Integ…

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner- what does it mean ? | presented by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co.,Ltd.

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners are ultrasonic cleaner which can be operated with different kind frequency's in the same tank.
in general different frequencies are created by the transducers.
for example a low frequency for the rough cleaning or pre-cleaning step and a high frequency for the fine cleaning step.
there are different kinds of Brand Names and NO Brand names on the market.
Some of them they create low and high frequencies even at the same time, somehow our Partner Company Elma has done several test in their Lab during this test 2 different frequency's has been operated in the same tank at the same time.
Obviously during this test the Experts of Elma even thought that this 2 frequency's may disturb each other then bringing better cleaning results.
somehow this is depending on so many conditions, for example on the kind of product and as well on the contamination, may cleaning test can provide helpful information in advance.
therefore we recommend when using a ultrason…

principal of cleaning centrifuge

The centrifuge separates solids from liquids with centrifugal forces. The contaminated liquid is cared centrally into the bowl through the rotor cover and thus falls onto the bottom of the solids insert inside the bowl.

By centrifugal forces the liquid is spinning off Centre outwards and rises towards the top of the inner wall of the bowl. The cleaned liquid is removed into a tank. On their way to the top the heavy solids are forced to the periphery and settle on the wall of the bowl insert.

While the drum is standing still, the residual liquid is drained into a tank, so that the separated solids have a very low residual moisture.

When the insert is full, it easy can be removed and replaced by an empty one. The centrifuge is ready for use again. The changing of the solid insert takes approx. 2-3 minutes.

for further details please visit : "cleaning centrifuge"

how to choose a steam-cleaner for jewellery ,watch manufacturing or in the medical sector.

when it is recommended to use a steam-cleaner in jewellery manufacturing or watch manufacturing or watch repair shops?

steam cleaners are environmental friendly as they just create hot steam by normal water!steam cleaners are good for removing difficult contamination byhuman like sweat as a pre-cleaning step.somehow steam cleaners are also used a final cleaning step to remove fine contamination like finger prints, dust or chemicals.unfortunately steam cleaners may also have a bad side effect as followedthe steam cleaner may not be used with soft stones ( like corals, opal, ect.)it also important to know how the stone setting of your jewellery is done, as hot steam may weaken the glue and stones even fall off.there are a few different steam cleaners on the market, different from the function as well in the price range.some steam cleaners are big in size which is good, unfortunately under the CE-Norm of the Community European as bigger then tanks as stronger the safety regulations get. t…

advantage of centrifugal cleaning

Advantages of our cleaning systems are:
very high degree of cleaning - up to 1 µm particulate size. re-utilization of cleaned liquids, hence increase of service life. no filter aids such as paper, textiles, diatomite or other expensive and sensitive filter aids needed. low disposal costs due to low residual moisture of separated solids.
They protect humans and nature
reduction of bacterial growth in the process liquid, thus avoiding skin diseases and offensive smells. lower consumption of fresh water, oil and chemicals. no disposal of filter aids.
... through modern technology and safety standards!
fast removal of solids (approx. 2 min.). micro-controlled main and operating components. all control entries and exits are supervised and controlled by a microcontroller. electro-mechanic lid lock; lid locked by compact security switch.for further details please visit cleaning centrifuge

centrifuge cleaning - Areas of application are

- the metal processing
grindinghoninglappingpolishingfinishingtumbling tool-makerhigh speed steel processingcarbide parts production steelferro metal- the forming processing
rollingpullingpushingpressingbendingpunching- the oil recovery proccessing
out of chip processing plantschip pressing- the glass production processing
lenses production precision opticsflat glass- the medical industry processing
processing of implantsprothesis and dentures- the jewelry and watchmaker industry processing
processing of noble metals like gold, silver, platinium, titanium.processing of glasses like sapphire glass.- the processing of minerals
processing of mineralglass, quartz, ceramics, corundum, stone and granite.- processing for washing
tramp oil separation or ultrasonic cleaning- other application on request.

for further details please visit

for further details you may visit "cleaning centrifuge-area of use"

how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaners?

how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaners?

it starts with the decision brand name ultrasonic cleaners versus no brand or unknown ultrasonic cleaners, which is a matter of the amount of investment.

here are some main fact's why you should go for the quality brand name product instead of going for the unknown or low price class.

 Advantage Brand Names versus unknown :

Brand Names.

most brand names manufacturers have a long tradition, which means the have experience and quality products.brand name products create cavitation, which means providing efficient cleaning and  are reliable in daily use.their manufacturers provide you with documentation as well with after sales service and spare parts if  this would be necessary.Unknown Brand or Imitations (counterfeit) Products:

Less efficient cleaning may low cavitation or even no cavitation at all.
Lack of reliability and availability.
Reduced service-life.
No after-sales-service no spare parts.
There are a few good ultrasonic cleaners available …

Does your Ultrasonic cleaner create cavitation?

Ultrasonic should create cavitation.

But what is cavitation, cavitation is vapor formation in liquids.
Which means nothing else then the electrical energy created by the ultrasonic generator will be transformed into mechanical vibration's which create vapor formations (micro gas bubbles) in liquid.

What are the advantage of ultrasonic cavitation's:

Cavitation support cleaning process and reduce cleaning time.Cavitation supports cleaning in hollow body's, it cleans there where liquid is present.Ultrasonic systems are available in different frequencies, which will be selected for rough or fine cleaning tasks.Some Companies even offer multi Frequencies ultrasonic cleaners, means this different frequencies can be selected for different cleaning task.Further details about cavitation you may find here:

some ultrasonic cleaners may create noise but may not create enough cavitation.

Only Ultrasonic cleaners which create a good average value of cav…

How to choose the correct cleaning chemistry?

How to choose the correct cleaning chemistry ?

Choosing Ultrasonic cleaning chemistry is not an easy task,  many person's prefer to use strong cleaning chemistry, which handle their task quick.

On Long term it's may not a wise decision, stronger chemicals are higher risks for yourself and/or for your Employees.

as well strong chemicals may reduce the life time of your ultrasonic cleaner.

Definitely strong chemicals harm your equipment much faster as gentle ultrasonic cleaner. We recommend to contact us regarding the resistance of  Products (components) in relation to chemistry you prefer to use and it prevent you from further trouble. We recommend Elma Cleaning Solutions, as Elma's Expert develop Cleaning solutions with the following main focus, creating ultrasonic cleaning solutions which are being gentle but even accomplish a perfect cleaning result as well if possible to manufacturer bio gradable Cleaning Solutions, protection your Employees and your Equipment. If you may have…

what are the most important facts for sucessful ultrasonic cleaning!

for a successful ultrasonic cleaning it is necessary to have 4 important issues, if this 4 issues are chosen in the correct way then your parts will be perfectly cleaned.

ultrasonic cleaner.Cleaning or cycle time selected.Cleaning solution or chemistry selected.Cleaning temperature selected.

In this case the ultrasonic cleaner can be compared with a brush, he scrub your parts and remove the contamination.
if the time is to short then parts may not perfectly cleaned if the time is to long is a waste or it even damage your parts.
if chemistry not chosen well then the parts may not perfect cleaned.
depending on the contamination it is important to select the correct temperature set point.

therefore we recommend to get in contact with us ,we are able to help you in any challenging cleaning tasks.

Cleaning of PCB boards with Ultrasonic

can printed circuit boards (PCB_Boards) or electronic parts be cleaned with ultrasonic?

Yes, they can be cleaned.

In past aerosol propellants (like freon) have been used for cleaning, which made the cleaning steps very easy and provide good results, somehow this aerosol products are bad fortheenvironmentandthey may harm the ozone layer of our planet.
in Europe it is prohibited to use aerosols for cleaning since the years 1993-1994, during that period the Goverment agencies support and sponsor Companies which shut down there old aerosol cleaners and invest in new water based cleaning lines.
Elma was one of the companies which developed and manufactuered a customized multi stage ultrasonic cleaning line for PCB-Boards providing perfect cleaning results as with previous machines but beeing enviromental friendly.
beside the ultrasonic cleaning we as recommend ultrasonic cleaning chemistry for different applications.
contact us for further details.