autoclave-elmaclace sterilisation units with 18 litre and 24 litre volume

An autoclave is the most effective way of sterilizing medical and scientific equipment.

with the elmaclave autoclave (steam steriliser) for sterilising medical products according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06 type b for sterilising packaged and unpacked solid medical products, hollow bodies and porous goods.

Only reusable medical products authorized for the reprocessing using steam sterilization are permitted to be sterilized ( please see the product manufacturing information according to EN ISO 17664) in advance.

The Elmaclave sterilizes 3 type of materials according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06:

  • solid instruments ( not hollow body instruments) made of metal
  • porous materials- simple materials or composites which can be absorb liquid ( fabrics, white coats ,dressing, ect. )
  • hollow body instruments made of metal which are subdivided into 2 categories and classified according to length and diameter:
    • Type A = hollow bodies, turbines, instrument handles and instruments with blind holes or small openings.
    • Type B = hollow bodies, cannula, lines or instruments with large passageways. 

this Elmaclave Sterilisation units are available in 18litre and 24 litre, as well we offer a wide range of accessories.

for further details please visit : autoclave elmaclave

Sterilisation in the dental, medical practice or in the hospital 

  • two sizes available, with 18 or 24 litre chamber capacity
  • fully-automatic programmes for every application
  • simple and intuitive handling
  • data storing on SD memory card
  • latest technology at a reasonable price


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