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Discover the new generation of steam jet cleaners

Elma release its new steam cleaner series 4.5 (HP) Environment-friendly steam jet cleaning with 4.5 bar.
Discover the new generation of steam jet cleaners made by Elma! The powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature is the secret of professional steam jet cleaning. Microscopically tiny steam particles reach even in hardly accessible crevices and even into the smallest recesses. Therefore the steam removes thoroughly dirt particles such as dust, grease and polishing pastes. No chemical cleaning agents are used, so no lime or detergent residue is left on the clean surfaces.
The new Elmasteam 4.5 basic is available with fixed nozzle or flexible hand piece (with 1.3 m hose) at 4.5 bar pressure versions. The professional steam pressure of 4.5 bar cleans safely and effectively even sensitive parts and instruments. With the higher water content of the steam at 4.5 bar, waxes can be easily melted and removed from the parts. Due to the strong heating of Elmasteam devices, steam …