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how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaners?

how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaners?

it starts with the decision brand name ultrasonic cleaners versus no brand or unknown ultrasonic cleaners, which is a matter of the amount of investment.

here are some main fact's why you should go for the quality brand name product instead of going for the unknown or low price class.

 Advantage Brand Names versus unknown :

Brand Names.

most brand names manufacturers have a long tradition, which means the have experience and quality products.brand name products create cavitation, which means providing efficient cleaning and  are reliable in daily use.their manufacturers provide you with documentation as well with after sales service and spare parts if  this would be necessary.Unknown Brand or Imitations (counterfeit) Products:

Less efficient cleaning may low cavitation or even no cavitation at all.
Lack of reliability and availability.
Reduced service-life.
No after-sales-service no spare parts.
There are a few good ultrasonic cleaners available …

Does your Ultrasonic cleaner create cavitation?

Ultrasonic should create cavitation.

But what is cavitation, cavitation is vapor formation in liquids.
Which means nothing else then the electrical energy created by the ultrasonic generator will be transformed into mechanical vibration's which create vapor formations (micro gas bubbles) in liquid.

What are the advantage of ultrasonic cavitation's:

Cavitation support cleaning process and reduce cleaning time.Cavitation supports cleaning in hollow body's, it cleans there where liquid is present.Ultrasonic systems are available in different frequencies, which will be selected for rough or fine cleaning tasks.Some Companies even offer multi Frequencies ultrasonic cleaners, means this different frequencies can be selected for different cleaning task.Further details about cavitation you may find here:

some ultrasonic cleaners may create noise but may not create enough cavitation.

Only Ultrasonic cleaners which create a good average value of cav…

How to choose the correct cleaning chemistry?

How to choose the correct cleaning chemistry ?

Choosing Ultrasonic cleaning chemistry is not an easy task,  many person's prefer to use strong cleaning chemistry, which handle their task quick.

On Long term it's may not a wise decision, stronger chemicals are higher risks for yourself and/or for your Employees.

as well strong chemicals may reduce the life time of your ultrasonic cleaner.

Definitely strong chemicals harm your equipment much faster as gentle ultrasonic cleaner. We recommend to contact us regarding the resistance of  Products (components) in relation to chemistry you prefer to use and it prevent you from further trouble. We recommend Elma Cleaning Solutions, as Elma's Expert develop Cleaning solutions with the following main focus, creating ultrasonic cleaning solutions which are being gentle but even accomplish a perfect cleaning result as well if possible to manufacturer bio gradable Cleaning Solutions, protection your Employees and your Equipment. If you may have…

what are the most important facts for sucessful ultrasonic cleaning!

for a successful ultrasonic cleaning it is necessary to have 4 important issues, if this 4 issues are chosen in the correct way then your parts will be perfectly cleaned.

ultrasonic cleaner.Cleaning or cycle time selected.Cleaning solution or chemistry selected.Cleaning temperature selected.

In this case the ultrasonic cleaner can be compared with a brush, he scrub your parts and remove the contamination.
if the time is to short then parts may not perfectly cleaned if the time is to long is a waste or it even damage your parts.
if chemistry not chosen well then the parts may not perfect cleaned.
depending on the contamination it is important to select the correct temperature set point.

therefore we recommend to get in contact with us ,we are able to help you in any challenging cleaning tasks.