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autoclave-elmaclace sterilisation units with 18 litre and 24 litre volume

An autoclave is the most effective way of sterilizing medical and scientific equipment.

with the elmaclave autoclave (steam steriliser) for sterilising medical products according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06 type b for sterilising packaged and unpacked solid medical products, hollow bodies and porous goods.

Only reusable medical products authorized for the reprocessing using steam sterilization are permitted to be sterilized ( please see the product manufacturing information according to EN ISO 17664) in advance.

The Elmaclave sterilizes 3 type of materials according to the standard EN 13060:2010-06:

solid instruments ( not hollow body instruments) made of metalporous materials- simple materials or composites which can be absorb liquid ( fabrics, white coats ,dressing, ect. )hollow body instruments made of metal which are subdivided into 2 categories and classified according to length and diameter: Type A = hollow bodies, turbines, instrument handles and instruments with blind holes …

Watch Part & Movement Cleaning with the elmasolvex SE-RM-VA

Elmasolvex® VA
Elmasolvex® VA is the technically most advanced system. This watch cleaning machine uses multi-frequency ultrasound for regular component cleaning as well as a separate frequency for very delicate parts that require special handling (e.g. reflective surfaces, very small openings).
The parts are cleaned in a chamber in which cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically. Programs are configured and launched quickly and easily using a high-resolution color display. The system provides reliable default programs and an expert mode that allows watchmakers to configure and save their own tried and tested parameters.

with ultrasonic / vacuum / drying

Elmasolvex® RM

For service centres and watchmakers who prefer not to use ultrasound, Elmasolvex® RM offers established multi-chamber technology to perform both solvent-based and semi-aqueous cleaning procedures. It also provides a program for epilamizing.

no ultrasonic / only spin cleaning

Elmasolvex® SE

The ulti…

hydrogen soldering & welding unit

our micro torch hydrogen soldering & welding unit called the elmaflame, it is available with a gas production of 140 l/h , 240 l/h and 300l/h on demand, each unit can be equipped with several working stations depending on the unit size.

micro torch hydrogen soldering unit
can be used in jewellery manufacturing process or in medical & healthcare.

here are the main advantages in a short overview:

gas production only on demandhigh safety standardshigh operation temperature up to approx. 2850° C.Backfire protectionCE -confirmed
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