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multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner- what does it mean ? | presented by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co.,Ltd.

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners are ultrasonic cleaner which can be operated with different kind frequency's in the same tank.
in general different frequencies are created by the transducers.
for example a low frequency for the rough cleaning or pre-cleaning step and a high frequency for the fine cleaning step.
there are different kinds of Brand Names and NO Brand names on the market.
Some of them they create low and high frequencies even at the same time, somehow our Partner Company Elma has done several test in their Lab during this test 2 different frequency's has been operated in the same tank at the same time.
Obviously during this test the Experts of Elma even thought that this 2 frequency's may disturb each other then bringing better cleaning results.
somehow this is depending on so many conditions, for example on the kind of product and as well on the contamination, may cleaning test can provide helpful information in advance.
therefore we recommend when using a ultrason…

principal of cleaning centrifuge

The centrifuge separates solids from liquids with centrifugal forces. The contaminated liquid is cared centrally into the bowl through the rotor cover and thus falls onto the bottom of the solids insert inside the bowl.

By centrifugal forces the liquid is spinning off Centre outwards and rises towards the top of the inner wall of the bowl. The cleaned liquid is removed into a tank. On their way to the top the heavy solids are forced to the periphery and settle on the wall of the bowl insert.

While the drum is standing still, the residual liquid is drained into a tank, so that the separated solids have a very low residual moisture.

When the insert is full, it easy can be removed and replaced by an empty one. The centrifuge is ready for use again. The changing of the solid insert takes approx. 2-3 minutes.

for further details please visit : "cleaning centrifuge"

how to choose a steam-cleaner for jewellery ,watch manufacturing or in the medical sector.

when it is recommended to use a steam-cleaner in jewellery manufacturing or watch manufacturing or watch repair shops?

steam cleaners are environmental friendly as they just create hot steam by normal water!steam cleaners are good for removing difficult contamination byhuman like sweat as a pre-cleaning step.somehow steam cleaners are also used a final cleaning step to remove fine contamination like finger prints, dust or chemicals.unfortunately steam cleaners may also have a bad side effect as followedthe steam cleaner may not be used with soft stones ( like corals, opal, ect.)it also important to know how the stone setting of your jewellery is done, as hot steam may weaken the glue and stones even fall off.there are a few different steam cleaners on the market, different from the function as well in the price range.some steam cleaners are big in size which is good, unfortunately under the CE-Norm of the Community European as bigger then tanks as stronger the safety regulations get. t…

advantage of centrifugal cleaning

Advantages of our cleaning systems are:
very high degree of cleaning - up to 1 µm particulate size. re-utilization of cleaned liquids, hence increase of service life. no filter aids such as paper, textiles, diatomite or other expensive and sensitive filter aids needed. low disposal costs due to low residual moisture of separated solids.
They protect humans and nature
reduction of bacterial growth in the process liquid, thus avoiding skin diseases and offensive smells. lower consumption of fresh water, oil and chemicals. no disposal of filter aids.
... through modern technology and safety standards!
fast removal of solids (approx. 2 min.). micro-controlled main and operating components. all control entries and exits are supervised and controlled by a microcontroller. electro-mechanic lid lock; lid locked by compact security switch.for further details please visit cleaning centrifuge

centrifuge cleaning - Areas of application are

- the metal processing
grindinghoninglappingpolishingfinishingtumbling tool-makerhigh speed steel processingcarbide parts production steelferro metal- the forming processing
rollingpullingpushingpressingbendingpunching- the oil recovery proccessing
out of chip processing plantschip pressing- the glass production processing
lenses production precision opticsflat glass- the medical industry processing
processing of implantsprothesis and dentures- the jewelry and watchmaker industry processing
processing of noble metals like gold, silver, platinium, titanium.processing of glasses like sapphire glass.- the processing of minerals
processing of mineralglass, quartz, ceramics, corundum, stone and granite.- processing for washing
tramp oil separation or ultrasonic cleaning- other application on request.

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for further details you may visit "cleaning centrifuge-area of use"