centrifuge cleaning - Areas of application are

- the metal processing
  • grinding
  • honing
  • lapping
  • polishing
  • finishing
  • tumbling
  • tool-maker
  • high speed steel processing
  • carbide parts production steel
  • ferro metal
- the forming processing
  • rolling
  • pulling
  • pushing
  • pressing
  • bending
  • punching
- the oil recovery proccessing
  • out of chip processing plants
  • chip pressing
- the glass production processing
  • lenses production
  •  precision optics
  • flat glass
- the medical industry processing
  • processing of implants
  • prothesis and dentures
- the jewelry and watchmaker industry processing
  • processing of noble metals like gold, silver, platinium, titanium.
  • processing of glasses like sapphire glass.
- the processing of minerals
  • processing of mineralglass, quartz, ceramics, corundum, stone and granite.
- processing for washing
  • tramp oil separation or ultrasonic cleaning
- other application on request.

for further details please visit http://www.ewins.asia/index.php/en/products/about-ruma

for further details you may visit "cleaning centrifuge-area of use"


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