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Validation of Ultrasonic Cleaners

what is the meaning of ultrasonic validation ?

Validation is a process of demonstrating, through documented evidence, that a process, procedure, method, piece of equipment, or facility will consistently produce a product or result that meets predetermined specifications and quality attributes Establishing the process of fulfill for purpose.

how this can be accomplished ?

there are several methods to test ultrasonic systems, one of them is the cavimeter of Elma Schmidbauer GmbH

 the elma cavimeter is measuring the cavitation noise figure.
to get precise measuring data it is important to measure the ultrasonic cleaner when it is new.
With this measurement you got reliable data's as reference which can be used to compare all future measurements.

 according to previous studies of Elma this phenomena shows:
effect of cavitation in ultrasound


It has been generally accepted that the ultrasound-induced cavitation in the solution is the relevant phenom…

what are the advantages of aqueous industrial part cleaning ?

Industrial parts cleaning has long become an element of central importance for the value chain in manufacturing. MAFAC offers a wide range of compact machines that meet various cleaning requirements, tailored to the customers' contamination's such as oils and greases, on the other hand, are generally removed by systems using HC (hydrocarbon) or CHC (chlorinated hydrocarbon) as solvents.The use of hydrocarbons (HC) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) as solvents led in the past to various ecological problems (soil contamination, groundwater contamination's, contribution to the acid rain) and health problems (industrial safety, stress for adjacent rooms).Regarding their environmental compatibility and costs the aqueous cleaners have the best results, Mafac manufacture Energy efficient machines to reduce operating cost as well this machines help to protect our environment which means it protect us as well our children and grandchildren.besides…