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Cleaning of PCB boards with Ultrasonic

can printed circuit boards (PCB_Boards) or electronic parts be cleaned with ultrasonic?

Yes, they can be cleaned.

In past aerosol propellants (like freon) have been used for cleaning, which made the cleaning steps very easy and provide good results, somehow this aerosol products are bad fortheenvironmentandthey may harm the ozone layer of our planet.
in Europe it is prohibited to use aerosols for cleaning since the years 1993-1994, during that period the Goverment agencies support and sponsor Companies which shut down there old aerosol cleaners and invest in new water based cleaning lines.
Elma was one of the companies which developed and manufactuered a customized multi stage ultrasonic cleaning line for PCB-Boards providing perfect cleaning results as with previous machines but beeing enviromental friendly.
beside the ultrasonic cleaning we as recommend ultrasonic cleaning chemistry for different applications.
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