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mobile centrifuge separator | presented by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co.,Ltd.

One for All – the mobile solution
STA Separators are very compact and space saving, on top of this they can be done mobile, to be even more all-purpose and flexible. Due to their own back flow pressure there is no installation works necessary apart from connecting two tubes.

advantage of liquid centrifugal separators | presented by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co., Ltd.

the advantage of our STA Centrifuge in a short look:

A good spin on separation performance ?The fluid-dynamically designed accelerator hub and the big effective flow radius help applying the high rotor accelerations of up to 2.000 g effectively on the liquid and the particles to be separated. This is why STA Separators reach significant grade efficiencies for particles down to 1 to 3 µm. For high flow rates up to 250 l/min strong drives are selected accordingly. It’s running already?So quiet you wonder why it’s not running. Thanks to its direct drive and the silicon sand filled double casing the separator generates a very low noise level; only 70 dB(A) on the model S-15. Sound-damping housings are rarely necessary.

Not afraid of hot acidSTA Separators are available in different material pairings. For demanding applications in medical or food-related industry, or for use with hot and chemically aggressive media all models can be stainless steel built, in both 304 and 316 Ti al…

hydraulic part cleaning - aqueous industrial parts washer

environmental friendly water based cleaning
 without using hydro carbons or chlorinate hydro carbons
 # aqueous industrial part cleaning # of hydraulic parts

Every day, manufacturers of parts with a complex design face the challenge of how to clean difficult-to-access parts such as undercuts, blind bores, or intricate channels efficiently and reliably. In most cases, valuable resources and much time are invested with the result that the easy-to-access parts are “over-cleaned” before the cleanliness of the hidden interior contours meets the strict specifications.
For these requirements, MAFAC developed a new process for targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying of certain sections of the part, addressing in particular manufacturers in the hydraulics and die casting industry.

MAFAC is one of the leading Company manufacturing # aqueous industrial part washers# which is a important step in manufacturing as well it helps to protect our environment as we waive the use of HC and CHC…

industrial part cleaning in motion | presented by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co., Ltd.


Megasonic Cleaning - Nano cleaning technology

we proudly present megasonic systems form our new Partner Sonosys megasonic cleaning in Germany, we are able to offer megasonic systems in the frequency range between 400kHz up to 5,0 MHz.

different Options are available as followed:

Megasonic Tanks in stainless steelMegasonic tanks in quartz glasstransducer plates immerse transucers (wether in stainless steel or plastic = PVDF-PFA0) are availableFace to face transducerssingle / dual nozzleatomzier shower nozzle Microclean - particle free Megasonic energy creates cavitation and microstreaming. This, together with chemical reactions, enables the removal of nano sized particles from sensitive substrate surfaces and from trenches within microstructures (MEMS).

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Cost-efficient heating of cleaning agents – with the heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X

Cost-efficient heating of cleaning agents – with the heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X Alpirsbach Black Forest Germany  in January  2016 –
For low-energy operation of their aqueous parts washers, MAFAC developed the new heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X. The compact unit heats cleaning agents using externally available heat instead of expensive electricity.  In view of rising energy costs and the constantly increasing competition, the sustainable operation of production lines is becoming more and more important. This situation, as well as the endeavour to reach the climate targets, calls upon companies to identify and utilize the energy-saving potential on their shop floors.The new heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X gives companies the chance to improve the energy consumption aspect of their parts cleaning process, and to efficiently reduce the energy costs. Intelligent heat exchange The MAFAC HEAT.X module works with a highly efficient heat exchange process. The available h…

ultrasonic cleaning by E&W Industrial Service Asia Co., Ltd.

elmasonic basic 1800 S (side-ultrasonic) test cleaning filters