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Monday, April 20, 2015

when are multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners used ?

when are multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners used?

in the past only single frequency ultrasonic cleaners exist, thanks to the ultrasonic R&D (research and development).

multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners create 2 or even more frequencies in one tank.

since a few years there are several different multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners on the market.

different ultrasonic manufacturer offer different frequency pairings, for example 25kHz/45kHz, 40kHz/80kHz or 35kHz/130kHz

  • Multifrequency ultrasonic cleaners can be used for different cleaning task, for example rough cleaning and fine cleaning.
  • Mulitfrequency ultrasonic cleaners can be used for different products, as mulitfrequency offers more possibilities.
  • specially in the current manufacturing steps processes change fast, therefore multi frequency may help to increase your yields.
  • it is a good investment to choose a multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner instead a single frequency, in general the cost is almost equal.

in reality some manufacturer now run 2 frequencies at the some time, saying the cleaning result improve, some other manufacturer believe it would not make much sense if this frequencies would be operated at the same time, even it would be possible that this frequencies would disturb each other.

Finally it is depending on many issues, for example the product, shape, the contamination, ect. according to this decisions may made or advanced test would help to get the best results.