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ultrasonic cleaner jewelry

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner xtra basic 1800S designed for the manufacturing industry, for example cleaning long products.
it is a preferred ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry as the ultrasonic is mounted on the side instead of the bottom.

with a tank volume of 134 liters and the internal dimensions of 410mm width x 650mm depth x 720mm height it has a unique advantage for cleaning long parts.
another highlight are that drain-valve on the front side as well the roller castor.

here are the technical details: 1000 Watt ultrasonic power 25/45 kHz ultrasonic frequency for rough / fine cleaning 2300 Watt heating power adjustable heating from 30-80° C. for further questions please do not hesitate to contact us mailto:sales(at)
or just give us a call:
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automotive part cleaning - Aqueous industrial part cleaning

Patented process technology - made by MAFAC:MAFAC systems for parts cleaning distinguish themselves by the patented, worldwide unique process technology moving the spraying system in co-rotation or counter-rotation to the rotating basket. This innovative technology is the basis for reliable and efficient process solutions in industrial parts cleaning. It is based upon the evident truth that each cleaning operation achieves better results when movement is applied. Effective cleaning is guaranteed because the relative movement between the holding basket which is either rotating, rocking or steady and the spraying system which co- or counter-rotates is individually adjustable. Thus soiling can be removed even from workpieces with complex shapes.

Mafac delivery machines for sucessful cleaning to automotive-part-cleaning hydraulic-part-cleaning metal part cleaning aerospace suppliers electro manufacturing mechanical enginerring
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