ultrasonic cleaner jewelry

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner xtra basic 1800S designed for the manufacturing industry, for example cleaning long products.
it is a preferred ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry as the ultrasonic is mounted on the side instead of the bottom.

with a tank volume of 134 liters and the internal dimensions of 410mm width x 650mm depth x 720mm height it has a unique advantage for cleaning long parts.
another highlight are that drain-valve on the front side as well the roller castor.

here are the technical details:
  • 1000 Watt ultrasonic power
  • 25/45 kHz ultrasonic frequency for rough / fine cleaning
  • 2300 Watt heating power
  • adjustable heating from 30-80° C.
for further questions please do not hesitate to contact us mailto:sales(at)ewins.asia
or just give us a call:
061 61 09 593
087 07 33 179


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